Sunday, 18 December 2011

Second day

Looking toward the west.
Yesterday's big climb left some strains in my legs, so for today I planned a regenerative ride, the loop over the west along the cost to Garachico, a lesser climb to Santiago del Teide, a drop through Masca to Buenavista del Norte and back to Puerto Cruz along the cost. That was the plan, but it had some surprises. First, the "coast road" doesn't actually follow the cost but involves over 750 m of climbing over 30 km, with some really ridiculously steep sections, one of them I had to push. Then, the descent to Masca is a steep one, but the road is very bad, so there’s a bit of deception after you put the effort to climb to Santiago del Teide. Moreover, a descent to Masca is preceded by an unexpected steep climb and after Masca, there are another two bitch climbs before you can enjoy your hard earned descent to Buenavista. All of this resulted in a day that was as hard as the day before, over 2500 m of climbing in 110 km. But that's why we came here to Tenerife: to climb and to develop those sexy looking quadriceps, isn't it?

From the climb above Garachico.

Swichbacks toward Masca.

Masca Picchu.

Landslide in El Palmar.
Day 2: 111 km, +2439 m.

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